Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chris Webby - We Don't Give A Fuck (WDGF) ft. Gorilla Zoe

Chris Webby took a chance with this song. its something that people will either like or will just hate it. personally i think its pretty catchy and a great part jam. Remember that Webster's mixtape Webster's Laboratory is coming out June first be the first to copp it on here.
Chris Webby - We Don't Give A Fuck (WDGF)  ft. Gorilla Zoe 

Ben Solle - A Change Is Gonna To Come

Ben Solle covers sam cooks version of a change is going to come. He plays his cello and adds in some drums and bells and what comes out is something very special take a listen its a nice calming song.
Download: Ben Solle - A Change Is Gonna To Come 

Kenton Dunson - Rolling Stone

Kenton Dunson usually does remixes but on this one he brings out a little bit of everything, some vocals and a little rapping. There is another song that he remixed of john legends rolling in the deep cover, if you would like, check that out here.
Download: Kenton Dunson - Rolling Stone 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

KAM Royal - Rich Girls ft. Young Prince

KAM Royal has been doing big things, you better watch out for him cause he's about to blow this shit up. for this track though he colabs with Young Prince and they make a pretty dirty track explaining all them rich girls that roll up to the club drunk.
KAM Royal - Rich Girls ft. Young Prince 

Skrillex - Disco Rangers

Now i am Not a very big fan of that much dubstep but even my man Skrillex can turn someone onto dubstep. if you do not know just recently Skrillex was over seas doing a show in Europe and got his laptop (all music, hardrive,programs) stolen. this song was put together by Skrillex but a few rich Europeaners gave him some doe in order for him to make this track. losing all previous stuff on his laptop look out for a load of new creations from none other than Skrillex. take a listen.
Skrillex - Disco Rangers 

Dj Money - One More Night (Lil Wayne, Cascada, & Drake

Tooo Dirty
This song is a few years old but i though that you guys would like it. its a great remix where Drake and Wayne throw down and Cascada songs are always amazing. take a listen.
Dj Money - One More Night (Lil Wayne, Cascada, & Drake 

P-Holla - Im Fly

P-Holla Drops this fresh track that has a hook with Kanye on it. This guy may be new to all you but he has some fresh lyricism and will be seen more on the site take a listen.
P-Holla - Im Fly 

Brenton Duvall - Silly Girl (Neon Hitch Vs. Wiz Khalifa

Brenton Does it once again. He remixes Neon Hitches Silly Girl and Wiz Khalifas No Sleep. listen to what he had to Say...

Recently, I was lucky enough to get in contact with one of the greatest producers in the world, and a personal God of mine, Benny Blanco.  He asked if I wanted to do a remix to a new track by Neon Hitch. I said “fucking fuck yes I wanna do a remix.” So he sent me some stems to the new Neon track and threw in some stems from Wiz Khalifa’s “No Sleep” too. Benny Blanco is the shit. Neon Hitch is the shit. 
 Brenton Duvall - Silly Girl (Neon Hitch Vs. Wiz Khalifa 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Aer - Come And Go

Coming up with there third project entitled the Reach which will drop in approximately a week, be sure to get it. the calm feeling of reggae mixed with smooth flow Aer puts together a cloud like feeling that has you very floaty feelin. take a listen. 
Aer - Come And Go

Bruno Mars & Diggy - Click Clack Away

This is a great track but once again Mr.Fiasco is robbed of his own track. this originally was Lupe Fiascos track but allowed it to get leaked out and none other than Diggy and Bruno Mars lay down a rhymsicle and affluent verse that will be played over and over again possibly making it to the radio. 

Cam Meekins - High School Parties

Brand New
Cam drops this track that basically sums up what high school is all about. smoking weed and partying. take a listen.
Cam Meekins - High School Parties  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tyler the creator - Tron Cat

Tyler The Creator drops a single off his up coming mix tape entitled Goblin. He does his normal thing on this track its good.
Tyler the creator - Tron Cat 

Sucka Free CJ - Sundown

Another Great Sucka Free track
Sucka Free Cj always drops a nice chill track that always ends up on replay in my Itunes. take a listen.
Sucka Free CJ - Sundown 

Childish Gambino - Put It In My Video (Good Form Remix)

Childish Gambino always amazes me and this remix is pretty phenomenal
Childish Gambino - Put It In My Video (Good Form Remix)

Erik Paul - So It Goes ft. Kelly Sweet

Erik Paul remixes Kelly Sweets Dream On and throws down a deep rhyme scheme displaying his affection for a previous someone in his life. that many people can relate to.
Erik Paul - So It Goes ft. Kelly Sweet 

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

OOAH - The Love I Need

OOAH AKA the GLitch Mob Dj drops this real nice dub-step. This track has some real crunchy bass drops and if your a person that like big bass and big womps, you'll love this
OOAH - The Love I Need 

MKE - Gold Dust Forever

MKE also Known as Michael Alcorta, He just got that much more official and got a real name. Mike has been talking to me and said he will have a 24 track mixtape named Illwaukee. that will be coming out in the next few months take a listen to this bomb track though.
MKE - Gold Dust Forever 

Lady Gaga - Died This Way (skrillex Remix)

More and more People have been telling me to post some more dubstep. so here you go i gave you brand new track of Skrillex, a man no better than any one else. he remixes Lady Gagas Song Born This Way. Pretty Excellent.
Lady Gaga - Died This Way (skrillex Remix)

Karmin - 6 Foot 7 Foot

Karmin Teams up with her boyfriend once again and kills lil Wayne's track 6 Foot 7 Foot. in her previous video Look at Me Now She throws down so hard it was hard to believe. This girl has some great talent and she is one of my favorites rate now.
Download: Karmin - 6 Foot 7 Foot 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vibe - Move Slow

Vibe - Rossy and Chris young drop this chill track to let you move slow. Chris Young drops a smooth flow that get you to move. these two guys have made many other songs but this one is one of there better ones. you'll for sure here more of them on here. take a listen
Download: Vibe - Move Slow 

Wale - So What ft. Mac Miller

Wale teamed up with Mac Miller to create a bomb as track. Mac Miller is a kid that does not stop releasing new shit. great colab with these to on this track spittin straight fire. take a listen.
Wale - So What ft. Mac Miller 

Olu - Knuck If You Book (Freestyle)

Must Download 
Olu kills this track with probably one of the best freestyles i've heard in a long time. Olu has big things to come so keep your eyes peeled. good shit.
Download/Listen: Olu - Knuck If You Book (Freestyle)

Michael Alcorta - My Name is Skrillex Vs Say Yeah (Dubstep Remix)

Shouts to Mike 
Mike is an up and coming DJ Mashup Artist who certainly has some hidden talent. Mike Remixes Skrillexes My name is skrillex with Wiz Khalifas Say Yeah. outstanding song take a listen. this man has much more to come so check back for more.
Michael Alcorta - My Name is Skrillex Vs Say Yeah (Dubstep Remix)

Spree Wilson - Where Do We Go Tonight

Spree wilson drops a groovy song for us. This man is very talented he can spit some raps over a beat or he can slow it down and show you his wonderful voice he has.
Download/Listen: Spree Wilson - Where Do we Go Tonight

The Howl Moon - The Howl Moon

The Howl moon a Collective band gives us a chill dancy song that gives me shivers with the amazing vocals that he lays out here. take a listen, good song to listen to while chilin or doing home work.
Download/Listen:The Howl Moon - The Howl Moon 

Sucka Free CJ - Good Girls (Cris Cab Remix)

Sucka Free CJ drops this chilled out remix of Cris Cabs Song. Its a nice chill song with great vocals. Chill out and listen.
Download: Sucka Free CJ - Good Girls (Cris Cab Remix)

Dev- In The Dark (Prod. By Cataracs)

Dev and the cataracs team up to make a bass filled club/house party banger. you might remember these two from the song bass down low cause they colabed in that one to take listen you might like it.
Dev- In The Dark (Prod. By Cataracs) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Curren$y - Scottie Pippens ft. Freddie Gibbs

JETS!! this song was off his latest mixtape covert coup that was released the other day. curren$y is always doing it big and i can always listen to his stuff. 
JETS at yo Kneck take a listen 

Mother Earth Remixes & Young Church [2Pac vs. Birdy] - Skinny Pain

Mother earth remixes always does a spectacular job when remixing but this one is extra special for me just because skinny love is my favorite song and this version by Birdy is that much better. Also 2Pac is always good. take a listen.
Mother Earth Remixes & Young Church [2Pac vs. Birdy] - Skinny Pain  

Dirty Heads - Stand tall

To change up the mood heres a reggae/alternative song from dirty heads. They do not disappoint at all give it a listen
Download: Dirty Heads - Stand tall 

Bonus Download: Dirty Heads - Hip Hop Misfits 

charles Hamilton - I Hate Parties

charles Hamilton has seen his better days after making a freestyle one night when so intoxicated he did not know what he was getting himself into. that freestyle called out Eminem and dissed him. that pretty much killed his career but check this track out its hot. 
Download: charles Hamilton - I Hate Parties 

FKi - Red Cup

FKi Comes at us with a party banger. get your red cups ready and its only monday but this one is for the weekend.
FKi - Red Cup 

Question? - Dream Me Up ft. B.O.B & EZ Lee

another oldy but goody. this came out last year as well but B.O.B offers catchy hook and EZ lee offers smooth lyricism. its a great track take a listen.
Download: Question? - Dream Me Up ft. B.O.B & EZ Lee

Wakey! Wakey! - twenty two ft. Theo Martins

Wakey Wakey teams up with Theo Martins to make a chill song with Theo coming in laying down some nice flow, while Wakey wakey keeps it acoustically chill. this song came out last year and i've debating to post it so let me know how it is. 

Childish Gambino - The Longest Text Message

Childish Gambino a signer song writer producer actor and what ever else someone can be. childish is a very talented person. check this one out and look for alot more to come. Gambino amazes me every time and the more stuff he comes out with the more known he is becoming he's really growing on me and might be one of my favorites rate now.
Download: Childish Gambino - The Longest Text Message 

Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats - TANG GOLF

them boys from odd future are the up and coming shit. spittin one out for there boy sweatshirt earl who is no where to be found. some say that he is in jail and other say his parents sent him to a third world country over seas. wheres earl!! just take a listen pretty catchy.
Download: Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats - TANG GOLF 

Ya Boy - Lock Down ft Akon

ya boy come out with a hot new track doing his normal thing take a listen i think you'll like it.
Download: Ya Boy - Lock Down ft Akon 

Pj Simas - All I Need ft. Cal (of timelfies)

Pj Simas Teams up With Cal (of timflies) for his last leak off is fralbum (Free Album) that will drop april 29th. stay tuned for that. but Pj and cal come up with a deep song about a certain aspect of there life. 

The Cateracts - Turnt 4 Da Weekend

the cateracs always coming out with something hot once again. they never do wrong. one for the weekend. Get turnt 4 da weekend
The Cateracts - Turnt 4 Da Weekend 

Trey Palms - Ever since (remix) ft. The Game

Trey Palms remixes The Games Ever since. and spits some very smooth lines down that almost makes it better then the original. take a look.
Download: Trey Palms - Ever since (remix) ft. The Game

Pj Simas - That Good Life ft. Jordan Corey

Pj Simas Drops one off of his up and coming mixtape which will drop on April 29th. check back in a few days to cop that but. Pj is doing his thing telling us about his life through his music.
Pj Simas - That Good Life ft. Jordan Corey 

Bonus Download Pj Simas - Ocean Drop 

Chris Webby - Sunny Afternoon

chris webby what else is there to so about him hands down he has the sickest flow out there rate now. he drops this gem for us on 4/20. take a listen. christian webby doesn't let down
Download:Chris Webby - Sunny Afternoon

David Guetta - Where Dem Girls At Ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida

guetta came out with his usual club banging beats. Flo rida did his work with a good hook and spit some lines you'll have stuck in your head. and Nicki Minaj did her thing like she always does ripping the beat a new one.
check it!
Download: David Guetta - Where Dem Girls At Ft. Nicki Minaj & Flo Rida 

Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Save The World (Radio Rip)

this track save the world is going to take over the world its just a radio rip but BBC  Radio MC pete tong was privileged to drop this one. its a gem take a listen.
Download: Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin – Save The World (Radio Rip) 

Rock City - We on (Prod. by Cam Wallace

These Virgin Island boys drop a single off there up coming mixtape entitled Street Album. take a listen i think you'll like it.
Rock City - We on